A Curriculum Mapping System Built for You
Custom curricular structure, gap and overlap analysis, and curriculum improvement initiatives.
The most advanced and comprehensive system on the market, eMedley is at the forefront of meeting and exceeding the unique needs of Health Science Education programs.
The only platform proven to have the flexibility to meet the unique needs of Health Science Education programs and beyond.
eCurriculum is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s designed to be extremely scalable, so each implementation includes custom functionality to meet a program’s specific needs.
A fully comprehensive application designed to meet all of your program’s curriculum mapping needs in one centralized location.
Cloud-based and accessible from anywhere, you and your students can access what you need, when you need it.
Eliminate the lists and spreadsheets. eCurriculum’s intuitive interface and easy navigation panes makes curriculum mapping easier than ever.
Curriculum Levels
The program is the type of school, like school of medicine, physician assistant program, but for your university. The program has its overall objectives. These objectives are customizable, but they are all objectives the students must have learned for their field. Program objectives are aligned to the accreditation competencies.
All of the courses available to the students will have its own family made up of sessions. The details of every course is customizable with their own objectives, sections, and documents. Course objectives are then aligned to the program’s objectives.
A session is a singular event for that course. It can be broken down into instruction methods, assessment methods, resource types, topics, and MeSH. Using these allows for a more detailed report. The session objective is what the event is going to cover and aligns to the course’s objectives.

1. Structure


Work with our team to build eCurriculum for your program’s curriculum structure. Every school is different, so the structure is customized to your wants and needs. All the courses from year one to year four and the paths needed to finish are all specific to your curriculum. Include all the sessions and session details for each course for more detailed reports.


2. Map

Mapping curriculum has never been easier. Upload or create your objectives for your program, for each course, and each session. These objectives will all be aligned back to the accrediting body’s competencies through your school’s curriculum structure.

3. Reports


Through your curriculum structure and mapping, you can run reports to see which competencies you are covering or not covering based on your program, course, and session objectives. Reports show gaps and overlaps in your curriculum. Filter the reports to see the gaps or overlaps in session objectives, accreditation competencies and everything in between.


4. Analyze & Refine

These reports are important because they allow you to analyze your school’s curriculum. The ability to see which competencies are not being covered gives your school the opportunity to refine the curriculum to cover everything needed. eCurriculum makes it easy to map your curriculum and see the results based on competency driven performance data.